Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A POEM called "I love her then, tomorrow, and always "

I found this poem at and I thought it was so perfect, especially since Kylie just turned 3 earlier this month. Enjoy...

© Danielle R. Workman

My baby girl is now three
I have wiped her tears, cuddled her fears
shared her cheers
I love her and she loves me
But see she is only three, we will disagree
With age, emotions will turn like the weather
I will wipe different tears, cuddle new fears
And hopefully still share cheers
I will always listen, that’s a guarantee
New things will come up boys, rules, beers
I know life as a young adult is exciting
But scary and hard at the same time
I hope she loves me as much then as now
I hope I steer her in the right direction
So hopefully she will avoid a crime
Communication, understanding, affection
Hard! WOW!
But whatever she chooses in her life
I will always be there for her
The good, bad and indifferent cause
I love her now, then, and always


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