Thursday, August 2, 2007

My sister's wedding

This past weekend we drove to North Dakota to be in my sister Samantha's wedding. It was a beautiful day, bright a sunny and maybe a little hot. I was a bridesmaid and Kylie was the flower girl. My two nephews Tristen and Cole (both one year old) were the ring bearers. I was a little nervous as to how well Kylie was going to do as far as walking up the aisle by herself. During the rehersal she wanted nothing to do with it and only wanted to do it if Mommy was going to walk with her. When Saturday morning arrived we asked her if she was going to throw the petals by herself and to our suprise she said yes! Of course that remained to be seen because she had yet to see all of the people in the church and she was NOT going to get a nap before the wedding. That is part I was most worried about - NO NAP! She is going to be 3 next week and definatly still need the nap.

Anyways she was a little uncooperative for the picturs, but all in all they turned out great. I know without even seeing them they will be cute. She looked like a little angel in her dress.


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