Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

The girls couldn't believe it when we got to the pumpkin patch and their horse riding instructor, Angela, was there with Bear!
I love this picture of Lacey and Bear, what a PERFECT fall picture.

At the pumpkin patch they had lots of things to climb on, including some older farm equipment.  The kids thought it was great!

Katie loved climbing on the straw bales.

Another great fall picture, Kylie and Bear.  Kylie would have walked Bear around the farm all day if given the opportunity.  She walked him around like he was a dog!  He loved it too...mmmmm fresh grass!

Future advertisment...
Whoa!  That's a pretty big pumpkin!

Much better suited for sitting on...

Or standing on...notice the pumpkin in Katie's hand that she settled on.  MUCH more size appropriate, don't ya think!?

Lacey's turn to lead Bear around!  She loved it too, Bear was such a good sport.


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