Thursday, November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween 2012

The girls had lots of fun this year on Halloween.

Kylie, aka Draculaura from Monster High managed to go to EVERY house in our subdivision.  This is a bin undertaking, to say she was whooped by the end of the evening would be an understatement.

Lacey, aka Cupcake Girl, went to quite a few houses also.  She went to about every 3rd or 4th house that Kylie visited.

Katie, aka, Pirate Princess, only went to a few houses before it because too much for Mommy to lug her back and forth to and from the car.  She enjoyed just riding with Mommy as the girls were getting in and out getting their candy.

They still had enough energy to hand out candy when we got home.  Kylie and Lacey had LOTS of fun seeing all the kids come to the door.

Another successful, safe Halloween :)


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