Thursday, August 18, 2011

First Day of School

Kylie had a great first day of school. Mommy probably had a harder time than she did with going to a new school.  I wanted to walk her to her class so I could see her classroom and meet her teacher and she politely told me that I could leave.  I told her that the gym monitors told me I could wait with her, that it was OK and again she politely told me 'No, I could leave.'  I said well what if Mommy wants to stay and walk you to your classroom, she politley told me again, 'No, you can leave and your embarrasing me.'  At that point I took my hint and Lacey and I left.  I'm so proud of her for handling the change so bravely!  At the same time I REALLY wanted to see her classroom!  Why does she have to be so independent?!

She was so excited when I came to pick her up.  I think she went on for 15 minutes before she slowed down telling about her teacher, classroom, classmates, the rules, everything you can imagine.  Kylie was happy that 2 of the kids from her after school care are in the same class and they sit right by her!  She even has a desk all of her own.  That really thrilled her.

Over all she really likes her new school and teacher.  Lets hope for a great year!


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