Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dance Recital Pictures

Pictures from Kylie's dance recital on Friday.
She did great

We were so proud of her

She was a beautiful ballerina

I'm not sure who was more excited for her dance to start, me or her?

Daddy, unfortunatley was not able to attend...he had to work

Kylie's dance was in the second act of the recital, there were 2 acts

She sat with me during the first act and counted down the dances until the second act

She kept asking me how many more until mine?

I promised her she would not miss her dance

She loved her costume and plans on wearing it for her halloween costume this year.

She will be a beautiful princess...not a ballerina

She plans on dancing again next year, maybe adding another type of dance

This was her teacher, Ms Sara.  Kylie really enjoyed her class

She got two awards, a first year award and a class participation award.  Her class danced to "Constant as the Stars" from the Barbie move Rapunzel

All her flowers, from Mommy and Daddy and Grandma and Auntie Shayla

Auntie Shawna was kind enough to make the 14 hour drive to come and see Kylie dance

Kylie was so excited that Auntie Shayla was able to come too.  She made the very long drive down her with Auntie Shawna.

The beautiful ballerina and her Mama. 
Love this little girl.

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  1. Love the last picture of you two! :) So cute!!
    LOVE the new layout too! All your girls are there now :D