Saturday, October 2, 2010

Apple Festival

At the last minute I decided to take the girls to the annual apple festival in our town. My main reason for deciding to go was the was nearly 70 on Friday night because I knew was going to be cold and windy on today. We went and the girls had a great time with all the rides...mostly Kylie since she was big enough to ride most all of them.

There were exactly 2 that Lacey could ride on without me...this truck ride was one of them. She started off very happy to be riding, but the longer it took them to get going the less she was liking the idea of the ride...
This was the result...she cried the entire ride! I thought this would cure her wanting to ride on anymore rides, I was wrong.
Kylie absolutely loves the trampoline bungee jumping, she's done it before so she knew she would love it this time too! She was relentless about doing this, so I gave in since going to the festival was for their enjoyment anyway :)
Lacey had a great time watching big sister jumping!
As you can tell she thoroughly enjoyed herself as you can tell :)
This was Lacey's favorite ride. Something was obviously very funny!
They both had a great time on this ride! Love these 2!

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