Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A field trip to "The Patch"

On Tuesday the Kindergarten and First Grader's went on a field trip to The Patch. The kids had lots of fun.
They went on hayrides, picked their favorite pumpkin, learned about some the fruits and vegetables that grow at The Patch. The kids helped pick up some of the bad apples that had fallen from the apple trees and they also got to sample a GOOD apple too!
learned about some of the animals at The Patch and got to feed a few of them too!

Some of the kids schucked the corn off the cob to give to the animals outside. They fed the bunnies the carrots they picked in the garden. They also got to hold a freshly laid egg. they kids loved it!
Overall it was a great educational field trip! I along with the other parents that chaparoned had a great time too!


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