Saturday, September 26, 2009

Dr. Smith

Here is a conversation I had with Kylie today:

"Mommy know why Dr. Smith* is called Dr. Smith?"
(name changed to protect privacy)


"Because she always brings ice packs when you get hurt and that's what Doctors do!"

Dr. Smith is the principal at Kylie's school, and I did't have the heart to tell her is was wrong. I thought she put some great logic into her thought so I let her run with it!

In other school news, Kylie has been doing great in school. Everyday she gives me her status of whether or not she got her name on the board or not or if there were check marks involved. So far since school started I think she has only gotten a check mark once. At the very beginning she was getting her name on the board just about daily, but all last week (week 3) she didn't get her name on the board at all. When she does get her name on the board it is usually because she was talking....hmmm, wonder who she got her love of talking from.... :)

All in all she is doing great and loving school which is all that I was hoping for! Can't wait for parent teacher conferences to hear what her teacher, Ms. Laura* has to say.
(*name changed to procted privacy)


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