Tuesday, September 8, 2009

1st day of Kindergarten!!!

Kylie today is your first day of school, I can hardly believe it! Daddy and Mommy really would like it if you could just stay little forever but of course we know that isn't an option. So instead we are going to be happy for you when you get to each of your milestones and of course today is a huge one! You were so happy this morning to go to school. Daddy, Mommy, and Lacey dropped you off and you had a huge smile on your face when you waved bye to us. We were so proud of you for being so brave even though you didn't know anyone in your class.

Daddy picked you up today, brought you to the park and treated you to ice cream! What a big day you are having. I called you to see how today wentbecause I couldn't wait until I got home to ask you about it. When I asked you how school went your answer was "totally awesome! I totally followed good directions just like you told me too!" I could tell just by talking to you how excited you are and what a good day today has been.

I hope all you days go as good as today went. And if they don't remember Daddy and Mommy are always her for you no matter what.


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