Monday, June 23, 2008

The Dentist - A Proud Mommy Moment!!

Today Kylie had a cleaning at the dentist. The last time we went was in November, she sat on my lap and only allowed them to clean one tooth. That's right - only one!

I have been telling her for a couple of days that she would be going to the dentist to get her teeth cleaned and checked. She seemed OK with in, maybe even somewhat excited. So today was the big day, I woke her up this morning and told her she was going to school and then I would pick her up and take her to the dentist and then back to school again. I told her she didn't even have to take a nap (which she was beyond excited about). When she heard the dentist she told me very matter of factly that she was going to sit in the chair like a big girl and I could just wait for her to be done!

And she did exactly what she said she was going to do. She sat in the chair alone, let them count her teeth, use the metal scratching device, brush her teeth with the electric toothbrush, even floss, and put fluoride on them! Then she let the dentist come in at look at her teeth through his funny glasses. I was so proud of Kylie. She was such a trooper. They gave her a prize and she has told everyone that would listen what a big girl she was, she is very proud of herself - and so am I.


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