Saturday, November 24, 2007

Too Much Little Einsteins

For Thanksgiving Kylie and I flew to North Dakota to visit my parents. Daddy couldn't come because he ad to work over the holiday - that kind of stunk since we don't see them that often. While we were taxiing to the runway Kylie said "When we gonna take off?" "Pretty soon, we have to get the the end of the runway" I said. "No, Mommy were just driving on the road."

When Daddy dropped us off he told Kylie to make sure that she waved to him since the airplane flies almost directly over our house. So as we were taking off Kylie yells in her loudest voice BYE BYE DADDY!!! ...It was 7 AM, I'm sure everyone that was trying to sleep was more than impressed with her.

As the airplane left the ground Kylie looks up and says "Activate the lights Mommy and Activate the air! Pat your legs faster!" I really think she has watched waaaay to much Little Einsteins. Then she looks at the clouds we were flying through and says "How are we gonna get through these clouds, this is badiculous (ridiculous)."

She was so proud to be able to sit in the seat with her booster seat. I was so relived that she sat as well as she did, I was a little worried that she wouldn't sit good or that when we got to North Dakota she would think she was too big for the booster seat in the car. But that didn't happen either.


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