Sunday, May 6, 2012

First Communion

Our beautiful Kylie celebrated her First Communion today!
It was a beautiful day and a beautiful Mass. 
She looked like an angel

All the children brought a carnation in with them and at the end of Mass they brought it up to Mother Mary's statue and placed it at her feet.  It was their gift to her to say 'Thank you for bringing baby Jesus into the world'.

Kylie participated in the Prayer of the Faithful.  Her line was "For all those who have died, especially Greg and Dixie ****.  May they live in the presence of the Lord."  It was so special that she was able to include her grandparents that passed away last year in on her special day.  And as a special bonus I'm not sure that Daddy or Uncle Chris knew they would be mentioned, what a nice surprise to them!

Kylie and Father Kemme, what an awesome pastor. He has been through a lot with our family, he was the officiating pastor for the funeral Masses for both of Greg's parents.  It means a lot to us that he could be here on a much happier occasion.

Kylie's First Communion Banner, she did such a great job!  It was fun to see all of the other kids banners too.  I liked how different that all were, each one had its own personality.

Kylie and her GodMother Auntie Shawna.  I'm so glad Shawna was able to here, and so was Kylie!

Kylie and Mommy

Kylie and her Godparent Uncle Chris and Auntie Charissa.  I'm so happy all of Kylie's GodParents were able to celebrate Kylie's day with her.

Kylie's cake.  It looked wonderful...and tasted pretty good too!

Kylie had to change her dress as soon as she got home (apparently it was itchy).  So she changed into her 'party dress'!

It was a beautiful and and the weather cooperated too!  Thanks to everyone who came and enjoyed her day with her, it meant a lot to all of us.


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