Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pixie Dust

There are short little exchanges that happened between Lacey and myself.  They are so cute because she has been watching Peter Pan and really likes it!

Earlier in the evening around dinner time...

Lacey:   Mommy I need some pixie dust

Me: You need PIXIE dust, why?
Lacey:   So I can fly!

Just before bed...

Lacey:   Mommy when is Peter Pan coming to our house?
Me:  Well you have to go to sleep first.
Lacey:   Then he will come?!
Me:  Maybe so..

This morning..

Lacey:   Mommy I didn't see Peter Pan last night
Me:  You didn't?!
Lacey:   No
Me:  Well maybe tonight after you fo to bed
Lacey:   Yeah and maybe tonight, but I haffa sleep good!


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