Tuesday, November 1, 2011


The girls had so much fun for halloween this year.

I was able to visit all three girls' parties at their school.

Kylie's had a parade at hers, the junior high marching band led the way.  I'll post that video tomorrow!

Kylie decided that she want to be a bumble bee this year, which was a surprise because all year she wanted to be an indian girl and at the last minute changed her mind which is SO unlike her.

Lacey and Katie's daycare did a parade too.  Its was cute, as soon as the little ones came around the corner and saw their parents....parade was over!  

Katie was carried in the parade by 'thing 2' 
Evidence of kids breaking away from the parade...namely Lacey!  Although it looks like she was the only one in this picture, you will notice all the other parents standing around too, that's because their kid already came and go them. 

Lacey loved being a princess this year...she told everyone she could how pretty she was.  I thought she looked pretty cute too! 

My little Katiebug Ladybug!  She is the second one of my daughters to be a lady bug, Kylie was first and hated her costume.  So much so that the next year for halloween I didn't even get her a costume.  Katie didn't mind hers at all!

A rare photo of Lacey and Katie together.  I love that they are both looking at me...doesn't happen very often! 

Lacey being...well...Lacey :-) 

Katie loved the party too, she had so much fun playing in Lacey's classroom.  She's looking very mischevious in this picture!


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