Thursday, November 18, 2010

Lacey's birthday party

We had a small birthday party for Lacey this week. It was a little early due to the fact that Daddy unfortunatly has to work on her birthday and we wanted him to be able to be there when her birthday was celebrated. Lacey had a great time. She grinned from ear to ear the entire time we sang her happy birthday!

Her birthday dinner was 'pitzy' she loves her pitzy.

She looked like this the wholetime we were singing to her...

She could hardly wait to have a piece to the 'birday cake'. Hmmm, wonder if she enjoyed it?

Cute picture with daddy

'Reading' her book.
Trying to get her Micky Mouse movie opened.
She had a great time! She even had to have some 'birday' cake for breakfast. Hey, if Bill Cosby can give it to his kids it must be OK right?!

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  1. Happy Birthday!!! How cute is she with her little hands crossed?! What a sweety.