Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Soccer!!!!

Kylie had her first soccer game of her fall season. The whole team did a great job! We were so proud of Kylie she played her heart out. Such an improvement from spring, it was so wonderful to see her enjoy the game and play hard!

Before the game started they had a parent tunnel, all the players got to run through the tunnel when their names were announced. Love Kylie's facial expression in this picture, to me it says GAME ON!
She's ready!

Discussing their next play...
Getting ready to make a goal!
It was a great game played by all. Lacey even got into the game yelling, "Run Kyie, Run!" It was so cute to watch/hear her enjoyed the game.

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  1. Fun! That's neat that they do the parent tunnel at the beginning of the game. Ours is at the end. Has Kylie played prior to this year? My son just started his 3rd year (he's 6 also). I love it!