Monday, October 26, 2009

Trunk or Treat - take 1

Every year our church does a Trunk or Treat on the Sunday before Halloween. This is, in my opinion, the best way for kids to go trick or treating. Matter of fact its the only way Kylie had ever gone trick or treating, she has never gone door to door.
Meet our Cowgirl:
Isn't she cute?!
Getting some treats
Showing Mommy how high this cowgirl can swing!
The Cowgirl and the Good Witch
Our litle Good Witch would not wear her hat, she needed to show off her ponytail

Figuring out how to walking in this dress is difficult
She was very serious about her trick or treating, she got lots of compliments (which of course Mommy loves to hear)
Our cute little girls!

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  1. Stephanie--My little girl is going to be a cowgirl for Halloween too! And, of course, has the pink hat. So darn cute!