Tuesday, November 11, 2008

37 Week Baby Appointment

Today Kylie and I went to my 37 week appointment. Kylie loves going to the doctor with me, she thinks its really cool to hear baby's heartbeat and Dr. Meekhof lets her "help" him by holding the base of the fetal heartbeat monitor. She concentrates very hard on her responsibility. Little Misses heartbeat was 142 bpm. I gained 4 pounds this week, I have never gained that much in a week before! I'm up to 19 total ponds so far.

There was one pretty funny moment today with Kylie. I had to go to the bathroom to give a urine sample and of course Kylie went into the bathroom with me. When we got inside she told me she had to go to so I told her to go. She looked at the basket of sample cups and proceeded to tell me, "Don't put that under my butt, this isn't my doctor." I promised I wouldn't and tried very hard to keep a straight face because she was serious.

I've actually made it farther with this baby than I did with Kylie. I will be exciting to see how long she hangs out before she makes her grand appearance.

My next appointment is next Monday.


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