Monday, September 8, 2008

Baby Girl #2 Doctor Appt (7Months)

Greg, Kylie and I went to my doctors appt last Friday. It was a routine visit, check the heartbeat (154 bpm), blood pressure, measurements and weight. I gained 5 pounds last month, I am up a total of 9 pounds total for the pregnancy.

I had to do my glucose test this time and I'm happy to say I passed it. I'm really not suprised but still happy. Greg got his blood typed becuase my doctor needed proof of his blood type otherwise I was going to have to have a RhoGam shot this week since my blood type is O-. Since Greg's blood type is negative also I do not need the shot since it isn't possible to have a baby with a positive blood type.

Kylie was mad that she didn't get a shot too since Mommy and Daddy each got one. I told Greg that I almost wished I had asked her doctor to order 2 of the shots to be done that day. That way there would only be 2 more to go for Kindergarten!

Just a couple more months to go and our new precious baby will be here! We are all so excited!!


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