Friday, January 18, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Katie!

Our baby girl is 2 already!
She is as spunky as they get.  This little girl is NOT going to be a push over at all.  Katie is will to stand her ground no matter what!

She LOVE, LOVE, LOVES her breakfast.  She does NOT miss breakfast.   Usually her breafast is 3 pancakes that are almost the size of a dessert plate! I have no idea where she puts it all because she is actually the thinnest of the 3 girls.  Every now and then she will mix it up and have cereal and whatever else looks good that the other girls are having.

I am convinced she doesn't realize she is smaller than Kylie and Lacey.  She tries her darndest to do everything they do, from dancing to singing to name it she's willing to try it. 

Most definately the 2 year old 'I can do it' phase has kicked in with a vengance!  She gets SO upset when there is something she is SURE she can do and then it ends up that she needs help.

Went to the doctor for her well child visit.   The doctor said she was doing great!  She weighs 27.6 pounds and is 33 1/2 inches tall. 

She is a fun little girl that is definately going to keep us on our toes!


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