Tuesday, October 18, 2011

guess who's 9 months old already?!

It's hard for me to believe this little sweetheart is nine months old already! 

Where does the time go?

She had her 9 month well baby check up and did great!  She met or exceeded all her milestones.

She did, however, do something neither of the other 2 girls have ever done before....want to know what it is?????

Here are Miss Katie's current stats:
20 pounds 11 ounces - 81st percentile
29 inches long - 92nd percentile!
BMI - 52nd percentile

Have you guess what it is she did that the other 2 never did???  Now, I know you are not supposed to compare kids, but its hard not to do.  I couldn't believe my ears when I found out that she was in the 92nd percentile for her height!  Looks like she might be my tall one, never thought I would ever hear myself say that...of course that's what it looks like now.  We all know how things can change over the years.  Kylie and Lacey NEVER broke free of the 50th percentile for their height...ever.

Katie has officially 3 words to her vocabulary:  Mama. Dada, and Uh-oh!  She is a crawling maniac that is obsessed with the steps!  She obviously has no concept of falling down them, when we are upstairs she is constantly crawling as fast as she can towards the steps!

She thinks it's REAL funny to turn over and crawl as fast as she can away from me so that she is out of my reach before turning back to look at me when I change her diaper.  She giggles as soon as she flips over...of course I think its kind of funny too, unless I'm in a hurry!

She is so much fun to be around.  She loves trying to play with Kylie and Lacey.  She tries really hard to do what they are doing.  One of her other favorite past times is to stand at the basement steps and play with the cat.  The door going downstairs is shut (of course) but it has glass in it.. she thinks it is so funny when Lexi (the cat) jumps up.  She is my little shadow...Greg affectionatly calls her my little hip growth.  She LOVES to be with me ALL the time!  If I am in the room her little radar is in search mode until she locks on to me, then there is NO getting away!

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  1. Great update on sweet Katie!! She is a big girl! :) Sounds like she's doing amazing.
    Love all the new family and individual pictures!