Monday, February 28, 2011

Miss Katie's in the hospital

Sweet baby Katie has been hospitalized today with pneumonia and Type A influenza...
She is going to be on IV antibiotics and oral antibiotics. It took the nurse 4 attempts to start her IV. She only cried on the last attempt on even then only for a little bit. She is one tough cookie! Also they will be monitoring her oxygen to make sure her levels stay above 90%.

Her kitty is holding the oxygen she needs. At of now is only needs it blowing towards her face and not attached directly by it. Apparently this is called 'blow by oxygen'. I am learning a lot during this stay.

Here's her crib she will be sleeping in for at least tonight possibly 2 nights. I just want her to be comfortable. They are also testing her for RSV, in addition to the flu and pneumonia. So far she is stable, and that is the goal to keep her there.


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