Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

We celebrated Christmas this year at Nana and Papa's house. We were especially blessed this year because Nana was released from the hospital just in time for Christmas. We opened presents on Christmas Eve. The day was especially long for Kylie since she knew we were going to open them that day, just didn't know the time. The anticipation was almost more than she could handle. Lacey on the other hand didn't have any idea what to expect but let me tell you once she started opening presents she was a present opening machine! Of course she had no concept of the fact that everyone has their own presents. She tried to open everyone's present, it was cute!

Lacey was so excited with each present she opened. She is really into Mickey and Minnie Mouse so of course anything with either of the two of them she got really excited about. Uncle Chris and Auntie Charissa got her a large Minnie Mouse which she loved. When she opened it she exclaimed, "Minnie Mouse!" and gave her a big kiss, it was very cute. Papa said it was the highlight of his Christmas!
One of the gift on Kylie's wish list was American Girl dolls. She received two Our Generation (which she believes to be American Girl) dolls. She is thrilled with the dolls. In addition to the dolls she received two extra outfits for them.
The girls were so much fun to watch this year. The joy they bring is amazing, and I am just thrilled to watch them get so excited for each thing they opened. I must say their Aunts and Uncles really spoiled them, it seemed like toy overload for a bit! :)
I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, I know we did. :)


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