Monday, April 12, 2010


While we were at the store Kylie talked me into buy her some Blueberry-Pomegranate-Grape juice. I agreed but told her not to spill on her school shirt (or any other shirt for that matter) because it would probably ruin the shirt forever.

Last night she wanted to try the juice I bought her, she loved it! When Lacey saw her drinking the juice she decided that she should have some of that juice too, well of course she cannot drink out of a bottle very well and naturally she got some on her shirt.

Kylie saw this and the first thing she said is "you should get some of that OxiClean stuff on it 'cause it takes out tough stains, and that is a tough stain!"

I asked her how she even knew what OxyClean was or even what it did and her answer? "I saw it on a commercial!"

I should have known that was going to be her answer because we call her the commercial queen in our house. Greg loves commercials too, but I think Kylie gets the prize for being able to remember exactly was the item they are advertising does. We will be doing something and out of nowhere, she will start telling me about something she saw on TV and what it does.

She tried to talk me into buy her the touch n brush, the hands free tooth paste dispenser because then I wouldn't have to worry about her making a mess with her tooth paste. This one can be bought in WalMart and every time she see its she keeps trying to convince me this is something we should have. Gotta give her credit for her persistence!

Some of the others she's found intriguing enough to tell about are: the perfect brownie because then it would be fair because everyone would get the same size piece; Pancake Puff because "I love pancakes and look at all the other stuff you can make in it Mom!"; and the Snuggie, this one we actually have and I really like it too!

Those are the ones I can remember, what about you what "As Seen On TV" stuff have you tried?


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